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I take care of myself now to prepare taking care of my children. In the future.

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I believe that

  • it will be hard to love someone else when we don’t love ourselves wholeheartedly
  • it will be painful to accept others’ flaws and weaknesses when we don’t acknowledge ours, and
  • it is not going to be easy to take care of other living beings (cats included) if we can hardly take care of ourselves and our own health

Speaking of taking care, I was checking this picture captured during my best friend’s wedding last Saturday,

As I tried to protect her and her beautiful dress from being stepped on, I thought I look like I was doing a Chair pose (Utkatasana) with Rihanna singing “you can be under my umbrella, ella, ella..” at the background, ha ha!

Another almost similar photo was this priceless shot captured one Sunday morning in last August during my recreational basketball session,

I should have just sticked to yoga. And futsal. And hockey.

And isn’t my Julie‘s Luna Alyssa the cutest baby in the world?

Photos by Anna-Rina

At 13-month old, she is already half our height!

Take care, big love and promising January ahead.


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January 7, 2010 at 2:12 AM

I am looking forward to renew friendships and celebrate love (albeit others) in 2010.

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What’s a better way to start a new year when

  • you are given the honour to be the maid-of-honour for your bestfriend’s wedding on the first day of 2010?

  • and when you see yourself with your other bestfriend (whom you were her maid-of-honour) gracing January issue of Harper’s Bazaar

For full interview, get your copy of January 2010 HARPER’S BAZAAR (M’sia)

My dearest Fara Dila,

Congratulations for bringing your relationship to another milestone. Having known (and having shared embarassing secrets with) you since we were 13, I am honoured to be a small part of your big day today!

My lovely Juliana,

Never have I met anyone who is only 43kg at her most pregnant and still looks smaller than me at six-months pregnant (yes, she was four-months along as time of shooting the article above)! My prayers go to for your second baby and I can’t wait to plan your baby shower again when you come back from Holland in February.

Nevertheless I have been a maid-of-honour for the SEVENTH time and that it’s not funny attending weddings and baby showers when I am single yet again, I am excited to witness more friendships rekindled, love celebrated and beautiful babies born in 2010.

Love and a blessed year.

My dearest Fara Dila,

Congratulations for bringing your relationship to another milestone. Having known (and shared secrets with) you since we were 13, I am looking forward to be a small part of your big day today!

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January 1, 2010 at 1:43 PM

“I see you.”

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Last Sunday evening, I was at Alexis Bangsar catching up with my girl Nellie and killing time to catch Avatar 3D when Nellie caught this beautiful girl at a table across – sketching me!

I was over the top excited and happy, I never had anyone sketched or drawn me like a true likeness before!

And the result,

.. what do you think (with minimal inquiry on the other person, s’il vous plaît)?

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December 29, 2009 at 4:41 PM

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I have a(nother) reason to watch ESPN after this.

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If it’s not too late to announce, tonight (Friday, September 4) is my dear friend  Henry Golding (CLEO’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2009)’s very last night hosting 8tv Quickie.

Do catch him (or even bombard him with groupie calls) if you can, 11.30pm on 8tv / Astro CH 708.

Don't you waih your housemate was vain like this?

Henry has been like a younger brother to me (he is only 22, making me feel like 40!) and I remember him arriving in KL somewhere April 2008 with only a bagpack. It did not take long for his Brit charm and celup looks to take over KL and Malaysian TV.

Beyond the glittering fame and his goofy personality, he really is a wonderful person to have as a friend. I truly am honoured to have known him and to be able to say, I have seen Henry (and his obscene shoes collection) more than anyone else in KL will ever do.


Young one, you will be sorely missed.

Good bye and good luck for ESPN (ok ok, I used to watch ESPN because of Rashid Salleh ;)) & Singapore.

Just brace yourself Henners, there won’t be housemates as flexible & muscular and Khanna Curry House on Sunday afternoons for sho’!

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September 4, 2009 at 9:37 PM