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I’d do whatever it takes, give (up) all I have to – to BE cancer-free.

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Last Sunday, I conducted my usual Karma Yoga (free class for public) class to raise awareness on breast cancer as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

BE breast-cancer free with YOGA

I was grateful and blessed as the turnout was amazing (and almost everybody showed up in pink!). A number of our local celebrities did show up to support the cause as well including the usual Atilia and the familia Henry Golding, Yasmin Hani, Xandria Ooi, Aishah Sinclair and Stephanie Chai that is gracing the cover of Harper’s Bazaar this month with spicy Breast Cancer feature and fashion spread inside.

Henry Golding & Stephanie Chai

(L-R) Yasmin Hani, Atilia, Aishah Sinclair

Henry Golding getting 'plow'ed

As Karma Yoga classes held every Sunday at BE Yoga are themed, before asking the participants to set their intentions and dedicate their practice that day, I asked these questions with everyone’s eyes closed

  • Has any of us experienced breast cancer first hand?
  • Does any of us have immediate family member that have / had breast cancer?

to tailor-make my class whether the class should consist of deep twists to eliminate (physical / chemical / emotional) toxins that might trigger cancer cells OR ‘loving’ and heart-opening poses to expand our hearts’ capacity with love and support for our loved ones in times of trial.

Intention & dedication

(L-R) Yasmin Hani, Atilia, Aishah Sinclair

To my (not-s0-pleasant) surprise, out of almost 20 participants that day – a quarter raised their hands for the first question and more than half raised their hands for the second, BREAST CANCER IS NO JOKE!

No amount of yoga / exercise / fancy pink ribbons / expensive lingerie can help us if we call upon cancer by smoking!

Our lungs and breasts are so near to each other – the thousands of chemical and poisons (you know I am not making these up) in evil cigarette that are trapped in our lungs might trigger cancer cells that require just one stimulant for the cancer cells to be activated.

Socializing with smoke-stained breaths, growing old with blackened teeth and dying painfully slow with all sorts of cancer are NOT glamorous.

I love my lungs and my breasts. I know you do (love your breasts, I mean ;D) too.

I have successfully quit smoking and so will you.

Peace, pink love and healthy breasts this October.


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  2. omg stephanie chai so kiut!


    October 18, 2009 at 10:24 AM

  3. Hi ninie..
    May i know how do u successfully quit smoking? Dah banyak kali i remind my husband to quit, but failed miserably..Since we have a baby now, i need him to quit asap..Can u share how u do it and it may help my husband to follow ur steps..Thank you so so much


    October 26, 2009 at 10:33 AM

  4. What a fantastic class–love the fact that everyone showed up in pink! On Dec. 14, Living Beyond Breast Cancer will host a free yoga program at the Philadelphia Marriott West. The program will focus on the emotional benefits of yoga & provide a hands-on demonstration. Would you be willing to feature this event in a future blog entry? You can find more info here:

    It’s also a great way to support women affected by breast cancer!


    November 19, 2009 at 1:36 AM

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