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Her affirmations of staying optimistic especially when she's (upside) down.

I celebrate being here in this country. Being here in this body.

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How do we lead a family, company or rule our country if we don’t have total control of our own health, breath and body?

A gentle (and national) reminder that BE Yoga is having a Karma Yoga (FOC) class tonight (Merdeka Eve) from 10.15pm to 11.30pm.

This *Merdeka Eve Yoga is a healthy alternative for yogis who choose NOT to validate Independence Day in form of meaningless noise, harmful substance and conventional celebration.

I will be conducting this Merdeka Eve yoga class and will be sharing adidas & Rainbeau Mars’ ra’Yoka Level Orange: Detoxification that consists plenty of deep twists & hips openers that will help ‘free’ chemical, physical, emotional toxins that have ­­­­been colonized and trapped in our system throughout our lives – in true spirit of ‘Merdeka’ (Independence).

If more people embrace yoga & its values (non-harm & non-violence to self and others, truthfulness), I believe this country and this world will be a happier place for us all to live in – anyway.

Merdeka Eve Karma Yoga

(*Merdeka = Independent)

Since it is an FOC class, entrance is strictly by reservation to prevent overcrowding as space is limited to 30 yoga mats (online waiting list is enabled). RSVP your independence by booking your own space at or by calling us at 03 7728 6182 / 03 7729 6182 before 5pm today (Sunday, August 30) to check availability of space.

Merdekakan diri dari hasad dengki, busuk hati dan tekanan persekitaran yang memakan diri (free ourselves from toxic feelings, hatred and peer pressure that do not contribute in making anyone better).

Celebrate being a Malaysian by choosing to have a healthy body, heart and mentality.

Yoga In The City

Happy National Day, Malaysians. I will always believe in the kindness in us.

Peace, love and light.


Written by Ninie Ahmad

August 30, 2009 at 12:03 AM

2 Responses

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  1. A pity I wasn’t able to make it – i found out too late. Thanks for the invite Ninie. Hope it was a blast!


    August 31, 2009 at 2:18 PM

    • It was a blast, Dailymuscle – that we didn’t mind there were no fireworks after we were done!

      More to come: New Year’s Eve Karma Yoga (pre-midnight), Valentine’s Day Karma Yoga (Sunday morning) and many more, try to make time for that. Or, errr.. wayyyyy before that, you haven’t tried a class at all!

      Ninie Ahmad

      August 31, 2009 at 2:27 PM

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