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Her affirmations of staying optimistic especially when she's (upside) down.

I love everything yoga, all I can be with yoga. With BE Yoga.

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For those who have not visited my little yoga centre at Damansara Perdana yet, I have updated our Gallery in BE Yoga website so you can feel like you are with us – beholding the beautiful poses, believing in yourself and becoming exactly what you visualize to be with BE Yoga.

Among my favourites are:







(Photos by Huey Yoong, all photos are property of BE Yoga)

with a biased personal favourite of myself in Pincha Mayurasana (Feather Peacock pose) with the ‘BEHOLD’ background. That was my dream pose turned BE Yoga’s signature logo and captured in my favourite studio in BE Yoga, how more awesome can that be?

Huey Yoong, the photographer is a member of BE Yoga as well and I was moved to tears reading her post about her yoga experience especially with BE Yoga. My indebted thank you and gratitude to Huey Yoong, her constant positive energy and endless good words about BE Yoga.

We have also made our Fees & Membership Prices available on the website (click Our Classes & Fees) so that you will realize how effing a-f-f-o-r-d-a-b-l-e a yoga experience with Malaysia’s best yoga teachers can be!

BE Yoga

Keep checking out our Events & Promotions as well to stay updated with our latest promotion (as we speak, we are having two August-all-out promos right now).

Pretzel you at BE real soon!

Lotsa love and beautiful blue skies.


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August 26, 2009 at 3:03 PM

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  1. First of all, love your new site! I get the feeling that you’re writing with a renewed passion – happy & excited!

    I read Huey Yoong’s post & I felt like I was the one writing 1/2 the experience down coz those are my exact feelings too. I’ve managed to convert some colleagues into yoga lovers (their impressions were also one of surprise when they realised it’s not as easy as it looks) through a private class I organised for them but sadly, I’m not able to continue the classes anymore.

    I get many people asking me what it’s like in BE Yoga & I always tell them it’s like home to me (eventho I dun come as often as I wud like!!). If not for BE Yoga I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to know you! You’ve managed to create an atmosphere that’s very personal & homely, WELL DONE!! =)



    August 28, 2009 at 11:33 AM

    • That is really sweet of you, Renee!

      Thank you for your support, lovely words and short yet accomplishing visits. Hope to see you around if not practice with you more often (not necessarily around BE Yoga although it would be betta ;))

      Ninie Ahmad

      August 28, 2009 at 2:35 PM

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